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Arrived safely

The flights weren't too bad. Unfortunately I was flying Wellington to Auckland on Jetstar (I'm still trying to figure out why Emirates are partnered with Jetstar) and so my flight was inevitably delayed and I was the last one checked in and so stuck in a middle seat on the edge of the plane for the first 2 flights (also the longest of the 4). I was sitting between 2 kind of cute boys (1 from Australia and one from the UK) to Melbourne, then the one from Oz got off and there was an extremely quiet guy in the window seat. The good thing about the extremely quiet guy was that he didn't get up ONCE during the entire 14 or so hour flight!

I had a 2 hour stop over in Dubai which was ok apart from loosing my new headphones I got for Christmas going through security. I had them around my neck after using them on the plane and took them off to go through the metal detector, and forgot I'd had them there. For some reason I thought all my stuff was just in ONE bin, but they must have been in a separate one, because I'm pretty sure I cleared my entire bin before moving off. And when I realised 20 minutes later they weren't there any more :(

My flight from Dubai to Glasgow was really good. I was talking to a lady in the queue to get on the bus (to get to the plane) and she gave me her email, so I've just emailed her. Everyone's been super friendly so far :D On the plane I got a window seat, and to make things even better, the flight was only 2/3rds full, so the guy sitting next to me decided to move, so I got the whole row of 2 to myself :D I slept most of that flight which was good, it meant I didn't feel like a zombie getting off the plane!

After going through customs (not too difficult), I got on the bus to the railway station (where I met the friendly lady again), and got off at the railway station. Where I met a fellow Kiwi (we are seriously EVERYWHERE!). She was really friendly as well, helped me get a ticket, and then we got on the train together. She (hilariously) works for a Science Education thing here, and told me about a possible job opportunity for the Edinburgh International Science Festival at the end of March to beginning of April. Hopefully I'll have a job by then, but they also have volunteer opportunities, so it might be a good way to meet people as well.

After getting off the train I found the hostel easily. There's a LOT of steps (77) to get up to it, and it's a bit of a maze inside, but I'm slowly finding my way around! After checking in I went and got something to eat, had a shower, and went to bed about 5pm. I slept ok, I got woken up a few times during the night, but I slept until about 8am, so got a decent amount of sleep at least! Got up, managed to get dressed without waking anyone up I think, and then went and had some breakfast (porridge and tea!) before doing a bit of shopping (replaced my headphones, got a cell phone, and found Lush on Princes St (there was a really cute boy in there who gave me part of a bubble bar for free :D).

Now I'm supposedly job hunting, and flat hunting (well I sent one enquiry off to a flat), but am really doing this, and surfing the net...

Tonight there's a BC meetup about 5 mins walk from here, so I'm going to that :D
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