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I know, I've been really slack updating this, it's amazing how boring my life is sometimes! But I've been challenged to a meme (thanks Moem), so here goes:

We are all experts in something.
Even if we think that no one will ever need our expertise, or be interested in the subject we know a lot about... that's most likely not true.
Even if our knowledge seems insignificant, it's pretty much a given that lots of other people don't know the same stuff. So why not share that knowledge, or at least celebrate that we have it?
Below is a list of things I know something, or a lot, about. And I'd like to know about your fields of expertise, too. So please repost, and list them for the world to see!

A word of caution: only post topics that you don't mind people actually asking you about. Because it just might happen. And we just might be able to help each other out.

Ask me about...

* BookCrossing
* Basic knitting
* Markeroni
* Travel in the USA/New Zealand
* Maori language
* Cheesy love songs
* History! If I don't know I'll probably enjoy the research :p
* Finding ridiculous solutions to problems

Please don't ask me about....
* Math
* Sport
* Tidying/Cleaning
* Doing things on time!
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